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Miniature Old Pear Williams 2cl, 40% vol.

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Our Vieille Poire Williams is the ideal after-dinner drink for those very special moments in life. After maturing for 3 years, wood and fruit unite to create the perfect combination. Sample it for yourself. You’ll be impressed.


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Etter Vieille Poire Williams “Barrique” 40% vol.

Origin of fruit: the right bank, “rive droite”, of the River Rhône in the Wallis region of Switzerland

Fresh fruit quantity: 11 kg of fully ripened Williams pears for one 70cl bottle

Storage/maturing: 3 to 5 years in oak barrels and 50 litre demijohns

Colour: golden brown

Bouquet: gentle, rich and full-fruit aroma

Taste: mild and harmonious, with fine hints of wood and vanilla, tender, fruity and fruit-sugar sweet to the taste

Tip for drinking: The ideal digestif to round off a good meal, thanks to its sophisticated, superb harmony of flavours. Why not try it as an aperitif too? Savour this full-bodied fruit spirit from a tulip-shaped glass at 15-20°C to allow the exquisite bouquet to unfold and the concentration of flavours to emerge. Award: 2013/2014 Distiswiss Gold Award 92/100 points Vieille Poire Williams - the elegant fruit spirit made with sunripened Williams pears from the Wallis region of Switzerland.

Vieille Poire Williams is the perfect drink to enjoy on those very special occasions in life. Nowhere else in the world will you find such beautiful, fruity and aromatic Williams pears as those in the Wallis region of Switzerland. That’s why we have been obtaining our fruit from the same producers for many years. They guarantee the quality of the yellow, fully-ripened pears that we need for our fruity, flowery Williams pear spirit to produce the aromatic Vieille Poire Williams, matured in oak barrels. The mid-flow is the heart of the Williams pear distillate. Part of that is stored in 50 litre demijohns so that it can settle and develop its own very special harmonious taste. The rest is matured in 225 litre barrels made from French oak. To ascertain the ideal time for the assemblage of the two parts, the oak barrels are permanently monitored throughout this period. A sample from each wooden barrel is tasted separately, and only bottled when the quality is totally satisfactory. With 70cl “Etter Vieille Poire Williams” you will be enjoying 11 kgs of the best Williams pears from the Wallis region in liquid form. Our product represents the perfect combination of wood and fruit. Try it for yourself. You’ll be delighted!