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Pear Williams 20cl Bottle Black Beauty, 42% vol

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This is the most exciting way to get to know a 'Williams'. Around 11 kg of fully-ripened yellow Williams pears from the Wallis region are needed for one single 70cl bottle of this exquisite, fruity eau de vie.


The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 6.

Etter Williams Pear 42% vol.

Origin of fruit: The right bank, “rive droite”, of the River Rhône in the Wallis region of Switzerland

Fresh fruit quantity: 11 kg of fully-ripened Williams pears for one 70cl bottle

Storage/maturing: matured for 6 to 12 months in stainless-steel tanks

Colour: pure, crystal clear

Bouquet: gentle, rich aroma, refreshing and fruity

Taste: balanced, fully aromatic, typical, with long lasting, fruity aftertaste

Tip for drinking: The ideal digestif to round off a good meal, thanks to its superb harmony of flavours. Why not try it as an aperitif too? Savour this full-bodied pear from a tulip-shaped glass at 15-20°C to allow the exquisite bouquet to unfold and the concentration of flavours to emerge.

Williams - the exquisite spirit from the right bank of the River Rhône in the Wallis region of Switzerland “Williams Christ” pear trees can now be found all over the world, and virtually all of them can provide us with perfect table pears - but those from the Wallis region are the most suitable for distilling. We prefer the smaller pears from the right bank of the Rhône and have been obtaining our supply of these from the same producers for many years. They guarantee the excellent quality we need. We pay extra for very fresh pears in “yellow quality”, i.e. fully-ripened. These pears are much riper than those you buy in the shops, and that is why they develop an incredibly fresh Williams pear taste, full of character. As soon as it has been picked, the fruit is transported each day from the Wallis region to our plant in Zug. The task now is to capture the excellent aroma. Before the mashing process, the fruit is sorted and checked on a conveyor belt. The resultant mash is bursting with fruity aroma and visitors to our factory during this period go into raptures when they sample one of these fully-ripened Williams pears! Visit us during the harvest season at the beginning of September and we’ll let you taste one too, so you can enjoy the wonderful experience for yourself. After eight to ten weeks of fermentation – the natural transformation from fructose to alcohol - in temperature-controlled containers, the distillation begins. This is when, with a lot of experience and intuition, the heart of the distillate is collected. The best of the distillate is then stored for several months until the various aromas have combined harmoniously.