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Whisky JOHNETT 2010 – Aged 7 years Swiss Single Malt Whisky 44% vol.

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JOHNETT Swiss Single Malt Whisky 44% vol - using 100% regional resources. Local mash from barley malt supplied by the Baar brewery, distillation in the house of Etter, spring water from the nearby stalactite caves in Baar and oak barrels from the top-quality Rosenau wine-growing estate, all interact to produce finally a product that combines regionality, authenticity and the highest quality.


Taster’s Report 

 JOHNETT is getting old! This wouldn’t be much of a compliment to some, but when talking about whisky, it certainly is. 

 The fourth vintage of this eau de vie from Zug follows a proven concept – the maturing in Pinot Noir barrels from Toni Ottiger’s vineyard Rosenau. From the very first filling, this maturing process runs like a thread through the JOHNETT taste concept and has almost become its trade mark. As a contrast to previous fillings, lovers of JOHNETT can now look forward to a riper age of 7 years. The seasoning process is obviously overseen very closely, because the whisky is still in the lead and the barrel is a mere accompaniment. 

 Colour: amber 

 Bouquet:  ripe fruit such as apricot, blueberry, banana and banana chips, pear peel, slightly creamy like a sponge, delicate hint of roasting, roasted beechnut-flour, a little green walnut, cookies with lemon icing. Give the whisky a little time to breathe and it becomes even softer 

 Palette:  banana chips; very pleasant, malty sweetness; delicate hints of roasting, later herbal such as dried oregano and mint, sponge, toffee, milk chocolate with currants 

Finish:  the roasting taste gradually fades and the sweetness of the malt and the fruits remain long on the palette 

 Overall impression: the whisky is very clean and of gentle character, the scents from the barrel are secondary and let the malt expand 

 Julia Nourney 

 August 2017