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Quince Original Etter Quitte 70cl, 41% vol

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To produce our Etter Quince we distil the highly aromatic, pear-shaped variety of quince using only organically- grown fruits from private gardens in our region. You too will most certainly be captivated by the fragrance! The rebirth of a time-honoured variety of fruit.


Etter Quince 41% vol.

Origin of fruit: from private gardens in the Zug region

Fresh fruit quantity: 15 to 17 kg of the “pear quince” variety for one 70cl bottle

Storage/maturing: matured for 3 to 5 years in stainless-steel tanks

Colour: pure, crystal clear Bouquet: intense aroma of ripe quince

Taste: delicate, elegant, fruity and harmonious. Warming hints of honey

Tip for drinking: Enjoy this delicate quince spirit when you’re looking for something natural, rich and fruity.

Savour the rich aroma of this smooth quince spirit from a tulip-shaped glass at 15-20 degrees to allow the exquisite bouquet to unfold and the concentration of aromas to emerge.

Nostalgia - just like in grandmother’s times The quince spirit is an extremely unusual speciality - in terms of both taste and history. The quince was first cultivated in 4000 B.C., and is one of the oldest of all fruits. It is increasingly becoming a secret exotic fruit here in Switzerland. Nowadays, one repeatedly hears connoisseurs enthusiastically reminiscing about their grandmothers’ exquisite quince jelly. The quince experienced its renaissance here at Etter rather by accident. When cycling one day in autumn through the Zug countryside, Christine Etter discovered some bright yellow pear quinces growing on gnarled old trees. Since quinces cannot be eaten raw and processing them is complex, many gardeners wanted to do away with their quince trees. The Distillery Etter pre-empted them by distilling a wonderful, high-quality spirit for the very first time using this fruit. Today it’s impossible to imagine the ETTER product range without the quince fruit spirit. A genuine rarity! After special mashing and distillation processes, developed specifically for the quince, an elegant, delicately fruity, typical fruit spirit is obtained. Professional ageing and maturing for 3 - 5 years is needed to achieve the unique harmony of flavours and the delicate aroma that are appreciated by all.