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Glass fruit decanter Etter Vieille Kirsch 70cl, 42% vol

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This speciality gets its fine aromatic, delicate, elegant flavour by being carefully aged in wooden barrels and 50-litre demijohns. The kirsch with the feminine touch, milder thanks to the barrel storage. Complete harmony.


Etter Vieille Kirsch “Barrique” 42% vol.

Origin of fruit: from the kirsch region of Lake Zug/Switzerland

Fresh fruit quantity: 9 kg cherries for one 70cl bottle

Storage/maturing: 3 - 5 years in oak barrels and 50 litre demijohns

Colour: golden brown

Bouquet: soft, aromatic, full-fruity flavour

Taste: mild, elegant and harmonious with fine hints of wood and vanilla

Tip for drinking: The ideal digestif to round off a good meal, thanks to its superb harmony of flavours. Savour this rich-tasting kirsch from a tulip-shaped glass at 15-20°C to allow the exquisite bouquet to unfold and the concentration of flavours to emerge.

Award: “Kirsch-Trophy”, fruit spirit of the year 2012 Winner of the category “Vieille” Products Vieille Kirsch Barrique - the seductively gentle charmer Some kirsch-lovers say “I only drink a clear spirit” Other connoisseurs - particularly the ladies - can be heard to say: “there’s nothing more exquisite than a soft, smooth, feminine ‘golden brown’ from the oak barrel”. In addition to our original, clear Zuger Etter Kirsch we have another trump card up our sleeve - or rather another superb spirit in our oak vat. We stored the best quality, old sort of mountain kirsch in oak vats and developed it into yet another Etter speciality kirsch. Tradition and innovation are the backbone of our Vieille Kirsch. The maturing period of three to five years takes place in 50 litre demijohns and in 225 litre oak barrels. After that time, the two parts are put together, whereby the ratio of this assembly can vary. The Vieille Kirsch is unique and a connoisseurs’ delight. The fruity flavour of the kirsch incorporates fine hints of wood, almond and vanilla, making the Vieille Kirsch the ideal companion for coffee or chocolate. Aromatic, with a full-fruit flavour and - thanks to the maturing in oak barrels - milder than other kirsches, the Vieille Kirsch captivates with its all-round harmony and pleasant, smooth aftertaste. Vieille Kirsch has turned many a man (and woman!) into kirsch devotees.