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Etter Zuger Kirsch vintage 1995 70cl, 42% vol

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Fruit brandy from the single 'Lauerzer' variety of mountain cherry is only produced in years of good harvest. Bottling is only carried out after maturing in the traditional way in 50-litre demijohns for at least 6 years. We have been distilling this vintage kirsch for more than 60 years.

Our oldest is the legendary 1949 vintage which is still available for purchase!


Alter Etter Zuger Kirsch 42% vol. Vintage Kirsch

Origin of fruit: from the kirsch region of Lake Zug/Switzerland

Fresh fruit quantity: 10.4 kg of the “Lauerz” mountain cherry variety for one 70cl bottle

Storage/maturing: matured for 8 years in 50 litre demijohns

Colour: pure, crystal clear

Bouquet: full of character, fruity, intensive

Taste: rich, fully-aromatic, harmonious, full of character, you can taste the ripe, superb elegance of the mountain cherries

Tip for drinking: The ideal digestif to round off a good meal perfectly, thanks to its elegance and superb harmony of taste. Why not give it a try as an aperitif as well? Savour this rich-tasting kirsch from a tulip-shaped glass at 15-20°C to allow the exquisite bouquet to unfold and the concentration of flavours to emerge. Excellent with a strong cigar and a good book. Alter Etter Zuger Kirsch -

Vieille Réserve de le maison - the one-variety kirsch made solely from the “Lauerz” mountain cherry The Etter family was distilling kirsch made from one single variety of cherry before the word vintage had ever been used. Distillation of a kirsch using solely the “Lauerz” cherry started many decades ago whenever the harvests were sufficient. The “Lauerz” mountain cherry comes from the tall trees which are located in a sunny position on the Zugerberg, adding to the beauty of the landscape. This kirsch is only distilled in years when the very best harvests are reaped so maximum enjoyment can be guaranteed. We pay special attention to the distillation of the vintage kirsch to give it its full character and aroma and we leave it stored so it can mature. The storage over a period of many years in 50 litre demijohns gives this fruit spirit its harmonious character. The fluctuating temperatures on the attic floors of old barns where we “hide” demijohns enable the young, rather raw, single variety distillate to mature into a kirsch typical of the year in question. Vintage kirsch has not just been produced since the Etter Company was officially founded in 1870 as a Swiss distiller, but during the generations before that when distilling was still a sideline business. Today this gives us access to their incredible wealth of experience and numerous old vintages. The oldest kirsch that is still on sale today is the 1949 vintage.