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Etter Weichselkirsch / sour cherry 2007 - 70cl, 42% vol limited quantity of 2260 bottles

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The unique characteristic of this exceptional speciality product is the rich and fruity almond flavour produced by the sour cherry. This cherry has a distinctly different flavour to all other cherry varieties.


Etter Vintage Sour Kirsch 42% vol.

Origin of fruit: Switzerland

Fresh fruit quantity: 7.7 kg cherries of the Morello variety, also known as sour cherries, for one 70cl bottle, authentically distilled Storage/maturing: several years in 50 litre demijohns

Colour: pure, crystal clear

Bouquet: distinctive, fine hint of fruit, full of character

Taste: strong, broad and wonderful initial taste. Full aroma with a hint of almond: explosive aromatic flavour with a long-lasting after-taste.

Tip for drinking: The ideal digestif to round off a good meal perfectly, thanks to its sophistication and superb harmony of flavours. Why not try it as an aperitif too? Sour kirsch – with a delightful character Swiss sour cherries form the basis for this first-class speciality kirsch from Etter.

Three speciallyselected cherry growers supply us with these sour cherries in accordance with our special wishes. The cherries are hand-picked and only when they are completely ripe. Hand-picking is a time-consuming activity that takes place long after the normal cherry-picking period. Careful fermentation follows, during which the fruit sugar converts naturally into alcohol. Etter is committed to this special cherry variety, since for years Hans Etter has enjoyed this all-natural speciality kirsch together with a fine Cuban cigar on a relaxed Sunday evening: two exquisite products of character that delightfully complement each other. Because the quantity of good-quality sour cherries available every year in Switzerland is limited, the sour kirsch is bottled with the precise vintage year on the label. Before that, it matures for many years in 50 litre demijohns under the rafters of an old barn in accordance with an old tradition. The finesse, strength and harmony of flavours provided by this kirsch have turned many a kirsch-lover into an absolute connoisseur.