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Original Etter Grappa Ticino Merlot Barrique 41% vol

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We add erba ruta (ruta graveolens) to the Etter Grappa for sophistication and nobility. Our Grappa Ticino is distilled in the Ticino region of Southern Switzerland.


Etter Grappa Ticino “Merlot” 41% vol.

Origin of fruit: Tessin / Southern Switzerland

Fruit variety: grape marc of the Merlot variety

Colour: pure, crystal clear

Bouquet: intensive aroma, refreshing and fruity

Taste: balanced, fully aromatic, typical

Tip for drinking: The ideal digestif to round off a good meal superbly, thanks to its elegance and exquisite harmony of flavours. Savour this full-bodied grape marc from a tulip-shaped glass to allow the bouquet to unfold exquisitely and the concentrated flavour to emerge.

Grappa Ticino - the spirit with the intensive aroma made from the Merlot grape “Grappa” or “marc” is the French definition of a distillate made from grape residue – that is, the skin and pips which are left over from the wine production, after the grapes have been pressed. The grape residue for this grappa comes from the vineyards of the Italian region of Switzerland. Since the aroma of a fruit is found primarily in the skin, grappa is an intensively aromatic drink. The Merlot grape gives the product its special tanginess and strength. We have our Grappa Ticino distilled for us in Tessin, and then we add the finishing touch with erba ruta (wine rue). The wine rue is indigenous to the Mediterranean region but also grows north of the Alps. It is used as a medicinal herb and also a spice, and was once used to enhance wines.