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Bollinger Special Cuvée 75cl With Box

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The Bollinger style: density and subtlety

Special Cuvée is the result of the delicate blending between harvest grapes and a majority of reserve wines, part of which have been aged in magnums for 5 to 15 years.



Blend : 60% Pinot Noir, 25% Chardonnay, 15% Meunier. 


Over 85% Grands and Premiers crus. 


Maturation: cellar aged for more than twice the time required by the appellation. 


Dosage: moderate, 8 to 9 grams per liter.




To the eye: a golden color, distinctive of black grape varieties; very fine bubbles. 

To the nose: a beautiful aromatic complexity; ripe fruit and spicy aromas; hints of roasted apples, apple compote and peaches. 

On the palate: a subtle combination of structure, length and vivacity; bubbles like velvet; pear, brioche and spicy aromas, notes of fresh walnut.




Any fish, especially sushi and sashimi. 

Seafood: shrimp, prawn, crayfish, grilled lobster. 

Poultry and white meat. Parmesan, good cured ham.



Special Cuvée is perfect shared among friends, for a simple and meaningful moment. It is the champagne we give to the people we love and who love nice things. To enhance its unique style, bouquet and aromas, Special Cuvée is best served between 10 and 12°C. You can enjoy Special Cuvée right away, or choose to age it in your cellar.



In 1911, Georges Bollinger’s British agent gave him the idea for the name Special Cuvée - “special” written the English way, without an accent. He thought the French expression “Brut sans année” was no match for such a subtle champagne… More than a hundred years later, the name of Bollinger’s key figure champagne still symbolizes both its expertise and its history.