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Original Etter Fruchtbaum / Fruit tree 70cl, 41% vol

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Our 125th anniversary in 1995 gave us the idea of “composing” a cuvée: cherries from the Zug region, William pears, grape spirit, Gravenstein apples and strawberries. This harmonious 5-fruit spirit takes you on a unique journey of discovery for your senses. Delicate, fine, fruity.


Etter Fruit Tree anniversary cuvée 41% vol. Swiss 5 fruit spirit

Collection: Etter cherry, Williams pear, grape spirit made from the Merlot grape, Gravenstein apple, raspberry

Colour: pure, crystal clear

Bouquet: fresh, aromas of the various fruits

Taste: fully aromatic, harmonious and elegant, an interesting experience for the senses

Tip for drinking: Give it a try and be open to creativity! 5 fruit spirits harmonious combined! Fruit Tree Anniversary Cuvée: a journey of discovery for the senses There are pitfalls with anniversaries. On the one hand, they attract attention, and on the other, they are determined by the calendar and not by the course of events. A milestone birthday provides an opportunity for a response; in whatever form.

In 1995 Etter Söhne AG from Zug surprised its customers at the company’s 125th anniversary with a very special anniversary cuvée: the Fruit Tree. As the name suggests, this fruit spirit simultaneously combines a number of flavours typical of the fruit varieties: cherries, Williams pears, Merlot grapes, Gravenstein apples and raspberries. During the careful process of bringing these all together the individual fruit spirits create one harmonious flavour with an elegant character. The Fruit Tree didn’t only attract enthusiasts in the anniversary year. Since it was created, this worldwide unique delight for the palate has enjoyed significant popularity because each fruit adds its own flavour to the authenticity of the noble distillate. The cherry provides the finesse, the stone fruits the fruit components, the raspberry the intensity and the grape the elegance. However, it is the individual perception which is the winner on this journey of discovery through the senses and that’s what fascinating about the 5 fruit spirit: everyone chooses their own bouquet. The secret of this creation is harmony not dominance, indulging the senses - the eyes, nose and palate - to equal extent in the slim, handblown glass carafe: a true journey of discovery for nose and palate with guaranteed enjoyment Swiss style. “The Etter Fruit Tree is a work of art. Although a 5-fruit spirit, it doesn’t smell or taste like a hotchpotch of fruits, but harmoniously of the individual fruits. Swiss precision work!“

Source: Stern magazine, 24.10.2013